Clients who come to me are seeking support for a variety of reasons:

“I am struggling with depression.”
“I constantly overeat.”
“I feel anxious all the time.”
“My spouse and I feel more like roommates than husband and wife.”
“I have an eating disorder.”
“I don’t know how to talk to my son/daughter.”
“I experienced some trauma at a young age, but it still bothers me.  Shouldn’t I be over this by now?”
“I am having a hard time with a lack of self confidence at work.”
“There is a lot of arguing in our house.”
“I am an emotional eater.”
“We just don’t agree on decisions about the kids.”
“I am numbing myself (with drinking, eating, porn, gambling, shopping, etc.).”
“I feel like I am self sabotaging my relationships.”

Many of my clients have been in therapy before and feel discouraged that they continue to struggle with the same issues.  Underlying issues, many of which are not readily identifiable by us, often have a significant impact on our behavior, beliefs and thinking.

Working as partners, I support clients in identifying, understanding and healing those underlying issues.  Clients are supported in exploring their inner thoughts, feelings, unmet needs, and accessing inner strengths and resources.  Through their work, clients are better able to bring about positive changes, enrich relationships, attain goals, and live their lives in ways that feel congruent with who they truly are.